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Main contact person:
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Mike Thornton linkedin

(352) 728-9864



City of Leesburg

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): 09008313 0002

Tax number: 59-6000362


Default address:

204 N. 5th Street



United States (US)

Contract Contracted value Supplier Category Start date End date
Internet Services $5,850 Summit Broadband, Inc. Information Technology Jan 22 2018 Jan 28 2028
Library Cafe Concession Beacon College, Inc. City of Leesburg Jan 12 2015 Sep 30 2024
Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite Odyssey Manufacturing Co. City of Leesburg Oct 1 2021 Sep 30 2024
Payment Collection and Remittance Agreement Amscot Financial Finance Mar 11 2019 Mar 11 2039
Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Circuits - Centurylink Centurylink Sales Solutions, Inc. City Wide (All Depts) Mar 11 2020 Mar 11 2025


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