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2319 RFQ No. 2020-02 - Coastal Engineering Services


Town of Palm Beach
Lead buyer
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Solicitations Palm Beach

(561) 838-5406



DESCRIPTION: General Information about this solicitation:
The Town of Palm Beach ("TOWN") is seeking qualifications from professional coastal engineering consultant(s) to provide ongoing consulting services on an "as needed" basis for the Town of Palm Beach.  
The intent of this "Request for Qualifications" is for the Town to potentially select one or more Applicant Firm(s) capable of providing the Coastal Engineering Services specified herein.

The contract resulting from this RFQ will be for a three (3) year period with options to renew for up to two (2) additional annual periods.

The Town of Palm Beach, Florida was incorporated in 1911 and is located in the eastern part of Palm Beach County.  The Town serves a full-time resident population of approximately 9,700 plus an estimated 20,000 additional seasonal residents.  The Town of Palm Beach (hereinafter known as "Town") seeks proposals from qualified coastal engineering consultants. 
The Town is a barrier island 16 miles long located 65 miles north of Miami. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west is the Intracoastal Waterway, which separates Palm Beach from the cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.  Palm Beach Island is the land area closest to the Gulf Stream, which produces lush gardens, palm-lined beaches and a subtropical environment that allows for year round enjoyment of the natural resources.
The Town has experienced erosion due to both the interruption of the littoral drift from the Lake Worth Inlet as well as storm impacts.  We are seeking firms to assist with implementation of the Town's Comprehensive Coastal Management Program and current 10-Year Coastal Management Plan as adopted and approved by Town Council.

If you are interested in this solicitation and would like to view additional details click the 'Participate' button below.  Selecting the participate button in no way obligates you to submit a response to this RFP but is necessary in order to see the detail of this RFP.


A "NON-MANDATORY" pre-proposal meeting will be held on:
Date/Time:  November 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Public Works Building
Meeting Room
951 Okeechobee Road
West Palm Beach, Florida  33401

Attendance is strongly encouraged as this will be the only forum to seek clarification from Town staff. 

The deadline for questions is seven (7) CALENDAR DAYS before the end of the Offer Phase (due date).

Questions should be submitted through this software platform using the Question & Answer feature.

The Town may provide written addenda up to five (5) calendar days before the date fixed for receiving the bid proposals.    DESIGNATED PROCUREMENT REPRESENTATIVE
The Designated Procurement Representatives for this Solicitation is:

Duke Basha, Assistant Purchasing Manager
email: dbasha@townofpalmbeach.com or solicitations@townofpalmbeach.com
Direct phone: (561) 227-7001

All communications regarding this solicitation shall be handled only by Town Purchasing Representatives.

Attached below is a file titled 'Getting Started in Negometrix - Supplier Guide'. Suppliers may also contact the Negometrix support desk at the number provided.

Negometrix Support Contact:
(Technical) Assistance (Mon - Fri: 8 am to 6 pm)
Negometrix Service Desk
Telephone: (724) 888-5294
Email: servicedesk.us@negometrix.com

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Sealed without Preselection
Published on:
Oct 25 2019 2:46 PM
Offer phase:
Oct 27 2019 6:30 AM — Dec 3 2019 2:00 PM
Information about contract:


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