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7105 City of Temple - Notice of Transition to Negometrix 4


City of Temple
Lead buyer
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Sarah Parker




Attention City of Temple Suppliers!!

The City of Temple is pleased to announce our transition to the upgraded Negometrix 4 platform for electronic bidding. Effective May 1, 2021, all new solicitations will be posted in Negometrix 4.

The City of Temple's Negometrix 4 solicitation page can be located by clicking here.

You may register for your new profile now by clicking here to stay up to date on all City solicitations. 

Please register as soon as possible to ensure no interruption in notifications occurs as we transition to this new platform.

While registering, please ensure you sign up for notifications and have the correct time zone settings applied to your profile (Central Standard Time (UTC-6:00).

Should you experience any issues during the registration process, please contract the Negometrix Service Desk for assistance.

Negometrix Service Desk
(Technical) Assistance (Monday - Friday, 6:00AM - 7:00PM CST)
Telephone: (724)888-5294
Email: servicedesk.us@negometrix.com 

City of Temple Purchasing
Telephone: (254)298-5655
Email: purchasing@templetx.gov
Published on:
May 7 2021 4:28 PM


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