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1379 OGS Solicitation 23166: Vehicles, Class 1-8


New York State Office of General Services
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How to become a NYS Vehicle Marketplace Contractor:

Vehicle and vehicle body dealerships that are interested in submitting responses to Mini-Bid requests for vehicles posted in the New York State ("NYS") Vehicle Marketplace must first become a Contractor under OGS Award 23166 Vehicles, Class 1-8, a Continuous Recruitment Solicitation. The information and documents required for a dealership ("Bidder"/"Supplier") to become a Contractor, and how to submit them for review and approval are detailed below.

The New York State Office of General Services ("OGS") Bid solicitation document, which can be downloaded by clicking on the "Bid Solicitation Info" Download link below, is an overview of everything a Bidder needs to know to become a Contractor. 

A template of the OGS Contract terms and conditions, that all Contractors must agree to, can be downloaded by clicking on the "Contract Template" Download link below. Once all the required information and documents have been submitted and approved by OGS, a Contract document will be presented to the Bidder for signature.

Any questions regarding the "Bid Solicitation Information" or "Contract Template" documents should be submitted to the OGS Designated Contacts listed on Page 1 of the "Bid Solicitation Information" document. Any questions regarding the forms and surveys to be completed on this eProcurement Platform should be submitted using the question and answer feature available on this eProcurement Platform (click on the link labeled "Pose a question to the buyer" under the applicable survey question). See Section 1.5 Bidder Questions of the "Bid Solicitation Information" document for additional information.

After your company has read the "Bid Solicitation Information" and "Contract Template" documents, and determined that it meets the minimum qualifications, begin the process to apply to become a Contractor by clicking on the "Participate" and/or "Start" buttons as applicable below. The following three solicitation sections must be completed:

1.A. Bidder Information
1.B. Mandatory Form
1.C. General Questions

For additional information about registering with Negometrix, and using the eProcurement Platform, download the "How to Participate in the NYS Vehicle Marketplace" document located below.

23166_How to Participate in the NYS Vehicle Marketplace_2019-08-28.pdf 179 Kb



23166crb_BidSolicitationInfo_2020-01-30.pdf 241 Kb



23166crb_Contract Template_2019-11-14.pdf 1735 Kb



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Jul 24 2019 5:48 PM


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